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You are interested in narrow gauge? In scale N?! Are you sure? Something like that does not exist!
You may have heared something like this before - from friends, from your local hobby shop or on your last visit on a convention. But, narrow gauge in N-scale does exist! Come in and look.
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Friends of 0-scale (1:45) please look here. Friends of N-scale standard gauge, please find all information on our Kato N-Nm and N-standard 9mm page.


Novelties: accessories now available

The new accessories announced for this year are now available. All necessary information can be found in this PDF.



Novelties: Kato's Ge4/4II as narrow gauge loco available

After a long investigation we decided to change the gauge of the Kato Ge4/4II by means of a newly developed injection-moulded part for the gearbox. This allows us to achieve excellent precision during the conversion. Converted Kato locomotives are now available from us. All details have been summarized in a PDF for you.



Novelties: processing of handcrafted Ge4/4II starts soon

We have almost completed the production preparations for the Ge4/4II. The models will be in production in May and will be delivered successively in June. All details have been summarized again in a PDF for you.



Novelty: Pirata delivers the very first items of the Restaurant car

The italian small series manufacturer Pirata has delivered the first tranche of the restaurant car WR 3822 from RhB. All details have been summarized again in a PDF for you.

Pirata Neuheiten19.03.2019

Neuheiten 2019

Spielwarenmesse: Novelties show

Our novelties are online. Please find all information in this PDF.
Kato and MDS announce new variations of Ge4/4II and sliding door wagon. All items are listed in the pricelist. Here you find the newsletter from MDS.
The Volldampf TV-team was on tour on the fair. See Michael Bange in interview with Mr. Schelling on YouTube.

Neuheiten 201908.02.2019

Neuheiten 2019

Spielwarenmesse: from 01-30 to 02-03-2019

Once again this year we have put together an interesting mix of narrow-gauge models, accessories for your models and layout kits for you to present at the International Toy Fair. During our absence you reach us by eMail.
All novelties can be found in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201930.01.2019

Weihnachten 2018

We wish all friends of the narrow gauge railways a merry Christmas, happiness and health in the New Year 2019.


Announcement: New RhB-Models From Pirata

Among others, we met Pirata at the Stuttgart trade fair, announcing new vehicles and also a newly built Rhaetian Railway station building as a novelty for the first time. All details have been summarized again in a PDF for you.

Pirata Neuheiten01.12.2018


News from the Fair: Current information from N-Convention

We are back from the fair at Stuttgart and got a lot of interesting information. As usual we have put them into the current newsletter, to be read here in this PDF.

Stuttgarter Messeherbst28.11.2018

Schiebewandwagen MDS

Novelty: MDS-freight carriages are deliverable (N and Nm)

At the same time as the locomotives, the sliding door wagons were delivered by MDS. You will receive both the N-models from us, all the details have been summarized again in a PDF for you, or alternatively umgespurt on N-narrow gauge. The narrow gauge-fans will open this PDF please.

MDS-Werbelokstandard gauge and

MDS-Werbeloknarrow gauge 11.10.2018

Werbelok MDS

Novelty: MDS-advertizing locos are deliverable (N)

The German manufacturer MDS-Modell has delivered last year announced advertising locomotives based on the Ge4/4II of the Rhaetian Railway now. All details have been summarized again in a PDF for you.


Pirata Güterwagen

Info from Milan-fair: another series of Pirata-carriages is coming

At the Italian model fair in Novegro (Milan) we have heared that Pirata will launch another series of its stake cars. All details have been summarized again in a PDF for you.

Pirata Rungenwagen07.10.2018

Sbk-v Tragwagen

Novelty: the four-axled carriages type Sbk-v are coming soon

The four-axled Sbk-v carriages are currently in production. The model appears unloaded, or with various swap bodies. Delivery will take place gradually from October. For fast buyers we have special early-bird-prices. All information can be found in our PDF.

RhB - Tragwagen Sbk-v15.09.2018

MOB Golden Pass

Novelty: the MOB Golden Pass-trains are coming soon

The very attractive MOB Golden Pass trains are in production and will be delivered during the month of September. The advertizing loco is a limited edition. Get your model today. All information can be found in our PDF.

MOB Golden Pass02.09.2018

Pirata Güterwagen

Novelty: Pirata-freight carriages run on narrow gauge now

We have converted the Pirata freight carriages to narrow gauge! For fast buyers we offer a special price. All information can be found in our PDF.


Kato Panoramawagen mit neuem BEX-Logo

Novelty: new Bernina Express-coaches for Kato, too

The Kato Bernina Express panoramic coaches, which have been available for some time now, can now be redecorated in the latest labeling scheme of the Rhaetian Railway. Matching decalsets are available at short notice, finished models from 2019. All information can be found in our PDF.

Kato BEX14.07.2018

BEX panoramic coaches

Announcement 2019: new Bernina Express-coaches for next year

Meanwhile, RhB has changed the lettering of the Bernina Express-coaches and added a BEX-logo. We will bring this as novelty in the next year, but you can order yours now. All information can be found in our PDF.

BEX panoramic coaches02.07.2018

BEX panoramic coaches

Novelty: Production of Bernina Express-coaches has started

We are pleased to announce, that we have just started production of the Bernina Express-panorama coaches. All orders which have been placed in the past will be delivered this month. All information can be found in our PDF.

BEX panoramic coaches02.07.2018

Pirata Güterwagen

Novelty: Pirata-freight cars are available now

The first freight cars for N of the RhB are here! For fast buyers we offer a special price. All information can be found in our PDF.




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Neuheiten 2018

International Toy Fair from 31.01. until 04.02.2018

World's greatest toy fair is situated at Nuremberg. Please find our novelties for this year in this PDF (german language). Novelties are to be found on our pricelist-page.

Neuheiten 201801.02.2017

Neuheit Uah/Za

Novelties 2017: tankwagon Uah / Za 8131 ff.

The next novelty of the current year is going to be delivered in the next months. Please find all informations in this PDF or on the pricelist-page.

Korrektur Uah/Za26.08.2017


Sold Out: RhB-Allegra "125 years of ABB in Switzerland "

The current novelty of advertizing-Allegra is sold out and cannot be ordered any more.


Neuheit Jubiläumslok

20 years AB-Modell - 16.05.1997 - 2017: Jubilee-models are delivered

Thank you very much to all clients for their loyalty. We are looking optimistically into future and are happy, to present you new interesting novelties in the next months.


Neuheit Uah/Za

Novelties 2017: tankwagon Uah / Za 8131 ff.

Annoyingly we have lettered and announced the wrong tankwagon in our newspaper 2017. We will produce the version first, we had announced in 2016. Please find all informations in this PDF. Thank you for your understanding.

Korrektur Uah/Za25.02.2017

Neuheit 2017: HCD-Lok für N und Nm

Novelties 2017: new items are online now

All new items are online now. If you like, you may have a look at our interview during the fair with Swiss television Volldampf.TV on Youtube (click here) and full information in our PDF.

Neuheiten 201715.02.2017

Neuheiten 2017


Novelties 2017: New items on International Toy Fair 2017

World's largest toy-show opens from 1.-6.2.2017 in Nuremberg again. Please find our new items for this year in the PDF enclosed.

Neuheiten 201701.02.2017


Novelty: RhB locos 641 Coop and 650 Die Kleine Rote

German importer NOCH has produced two further advertizing-locos of well-known Ge4/4''': loco 641 with Coop-logo and tomato-design and loco 650 with RhB-advertizing "Die Kleine Rote" (The Little Red-One). Please find all information on the pricelist-side. Or in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201628.09.2016


Novelty: RhB standard coaches type II (Einheitswagen II)

Already in 2015 annouced, the standard coaches type II are coming into production now. Please find all information on the pricelist-side. Or in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201620.09.2016


Novelty: RhB "125 years of ABB in Switzerland " - advertizing-Allegra

Since december 2015 Allegra 3512 is advertizing the 125th anniversary of Asea Brown Boverie - ABB. The really nice prototype will be available as model for N-scale, on N- or Nm-track. Please find all information on the pricelist-side. Or in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201602.09.2016


Novelty: RhB Bernina Express

Meanwhile Kato has delivered its Bernina Express. We will offer these item on standard or narrow gauge, and with several extra-features if wanted. Please find all prices on the pricelist-side. Or in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201619.06.2016


Novelty: Prices for MOB-Loco and our jubileetrain are online now

We had planned, to announce the prices for the MOB- and the Jubilee-train on International Toy Fair. Now prices and details of these great items are calculated. Please find all prices on the pricelist-side. Or in this PDF.

Neuheiten 201605.06.2016


Novelty: Decalset for Kato's Allegra

Now it is available, the new decalset for the interior of Kato's Allegra. Seats and tables could be completed now. Find all details on the pricelist-side.



Novelty: advertizing locos Lazzarini and Heidiland are here

We have the first advertizing locos from Noch-company. They are offered in different variations All details are to be found in this PDF. Regard: As long as in stock only!

Neuheiten 201607.03.2016

Frontgriffe für Ge4/4'''

inquiry: Metalpantographs for the Allegra?

We have had some eMails according change of the pantographs of Allegra-railcar from plastic to metal. There is no decision made yet. Help uns to find the perfect choice. Here is the link to the inquiry. Sorry, it's all in german.


Frontgriffe für Ge4/4'''

now available: hand-grab-rails for the front of Ge4/4'''

Make your Kato-loco look more prototypically. A drill-template helps to drill the correct holes to the front, add the hand-grab-rails (un- or prepainted available), glue from inside - ready! It is so easy, to have a real nice looking loco. Here is our manual.


Neuheiten 2016


now online: following novelties 2016 are online now

Projects 2016/2017 are on the news-page. 07.02.2016

The metal-locos are on pricelist and at rolling stock now. 07.02.2016

All Kato-versions are on pricelist and at rolling stock now. 09.02.2016

Catenary-parts are on pricelist and at accessories now. 11.02.2016

SPB-locos and coaches are on pricelist and at catalog-pages now. 12.02.2016

Scenery-parts are on pricelist and at catalog-pages now. 13.02.2016

Neuheiten 2016


Novelties 2016: New items on International Toy Fair 2016

World's largest toy-show opens from 27.1.-1.2.2016 again in Nuremberg. Please find our new items for this year in the PDF enclosed.

Neuheiten 201626.01.2016

RhB railcar type Allegra


new items coming: Kato announces new Allegra with Bernina Express

Kato has annouced a new Allegra 3502. We have decided not to produce this number, but 3503 "Carlo Janka" instead. Orders change automatically. All information is to be found in this PDF. Updated 17.01.2016!

Neuheit Allegra17.01.2016

Neuheit SPB-Zug


new items coming: The Schynige Platte-railroad is climbing up now

Motorization of the tiny cogwheel-locos has been finished. The new track is constructed. Now your SPB-train can climb up even 25% steep grades. Find all information in our PDF. Further news are published soon.

Neuheit SPB-Zug14.12.2015

Jubiläumszug AB-Modell


new item in 2017: Jubilee-Train AB-Modell

In 2017 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of AB-Modell. Therefore we have developed a new trainset in white colour with our corporate design. Order yours now! It's a limited run. Find all informations (including the new MOB-train) in this PDF. Further news are published soon.

Neuheit Jubiläumszug26.11.2015

MOB Ge4/4 8001ff.


new items coming: MOB-loco Ge4/4 8001 ff. and Panoramic Express

For 2016 further new items are planned, which are shown on N-Convention in Stuttgart first: a trainset for MOB, in very attractive Panoramic Express-design. All informations (including the jubilee-train 2017) are to be found in this PDF. Further news are published soon.

Neuheit MOB26.11.2015

Ge4/4 644 Lazzarini

sold out: Ge4/4''' 644 - Lazzarini based on Kato-mechanism

The Kato-based Lazzarini-loco is sold out. If you are still interested in this great design, we have the finescale-version in our programme (Nm - metre gauge, on our own mechanism with two motors and flywheels, brass and new silver).


RhB railcar type Allegra


new items coming: Kato's RhB ABe8/12 Allegra will be available as standard and narrow gauge-railcar in several versions

Kato's first Allegra's arrived. We offer besides the basic model 3501 three further roadnumbers, as well as super-detailed models with lightning, passengers, locodriver, special indicator boards, light weathering and dull coated. And your preferred couplers could be mounted too. All information is to be found in this PDF, and on our pricelist-page. For a better overview we have designed a pricelist and orderform for the Allegra, which could be downloaded here.

Neuheit Allegra05.08.2015

Ge4/4 644 Lazzarini

in delivery: Ge4/4''' 644 - Lazzarini

We are starting delivery of the Lazzarini-loco in these days. If you are interested in this great item, do not hesitate to order yours now. There are only a few items left of this limited run. Choose your's from two different types: for N-track on 9mm or for Nm-track on 6,5mm (based on Kato). Find all details enclosed PDF.

Neuheit Lazzarini-Lok12.06.2015

gedeckter Güterwagen


now available: Gbk-v in redbrown with silver doors, and M' in grey

The last items from newsletter 2014 are finished and will be delivered now. Find the final pictures and our catalog online now.

Gbk-v Neuheit gedeckter Güterwagen

M' Neuheit Niederbord M1


Ge4/4 641 Coop

order now : Ge4/4''' 641 - Coop

There is a new loco planned: the Coop-advertizing loco will be available based on Kato at the end of the year. We will have the loco in N (9mm track) or Nm (6,5mm track) and/or together with two panorama-coaches. Find the information in this PDF.

Neuheit Coop-Lok28.02.2015

New items for 2015

International Toy Fair 2015

The new items for 2015 will be presented on the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The first information could be found at the PDF. Detailled information will be offered here when we are back.

Toy Fair 201526.01.2015

RhB offener Aussichtswagen

new item for 2015 : RhB open air coach

The first new items for 2015 will be presented on N-Convention in Stuttgart from 20.-23.11.2014 in a showcase. We will answer your questions and remarks on saturday and sunday. If you have no time to visit us, just have a look at the PDF.

Neuheit Aussichtswagen13.11.2014

Altbaupersonenwagen RhB

Now online: RhB former coaches C114 and BC110

As next new item for 2014 are the former coaches of RhB planned. Find all information in the following files: PDF C114 and PDF BC110 or just look at the pricelist-side.

Neuheit Neuheit BC110 und Altbauwagen13.11.2014

Talbot Gleisschotterwagen der RhB

Now online: RhB Talbot-gravelwagon

Next new item for 2014 is the gravel-wagon of RhB type Talbot. All information about this great model is online now and to be found in the PDF enclosed.

Neuheit Gleisschotterwagen21.10.2014

Ge4/4 644 Lazzarini

order now : Ge4/4''' 644 - Lazzarini

Our newest loco will be the yellow Lazzarini. Choose your's from three different types: for N-track on 9mm (based on Kato), or for Nm-track on 6,5mm (based on Kato or finescale). Delivery will start in 2015. Find all details enclosed PDF.

Neuheit Lazzarini-Lok30.09.2014


Kato-locos with Micro Trains-couplers

It really works: MTL-couplers fit Kato-locos! Please read our technical hints in the PDF. (Please contact us for a translation, if needed. Thanks.)

Kato-Loks mit MTL-Kupplungen06.08.2014

Kato UNESCO Welterbe-Set

order now : Kato's UNESCO worldheritage-set

Kato announced a new loco and six-wagon-set with UNESCO worldheritage-lettering at International Toy Fair. The first set has arrived now. It could be regauged to Nm too. Safe up to 100 Euros and order your set now (early-order-price valid until 09-30-2014). Find all details in this english PDF.

Neuheit Kehrichtzug19.07.2014

K-w und Kp-w Tragwagen, mit und ohne ACTS-Container

The wagons for garbage-transport are available now

We have shown the K-w and Kp-w of Rhätische Bahn in the past. You know the ACTS-container since this year. Now, all pre-orders are in production. Delivery will be done in the third quarter. Until September the 30th, 2014, safe the early-order-price! Detailed information in the PDF.

Neuheit Kehrichtzug12.06.2014

New signals for RhB and SBB, now currently available

Totally 11 new signals for SBB and RhB are currently available. The most often used types. All signals are made from metal, equipped with mini-LED and ready to install on your layout. Until August 15th, 2014 safe your during the early-order-price... see pricelist. More information about correct lightning and how to install are to be found on our infopage for the signals.

Neuheit RhB-/SBB-Signale11.06.2014

Glacier on Tour-Startset mit Gleisoval, Anschlussgleis, Trafo und Steuergerät

Kato's Glacier on Tour is deliverable

The first sets of Ge4/4''' 651 Glacier on Tour arrived last week. Again you can choose between attractive compositions for your rolling-stock: single loco, two- or six-coach-train oder complete set with tracks and power supply. Complete your collection or start in this amazing world of narrow-gauge. All information is to be found in our PDF.

Kato-Neuheit Glacier on Tour11.03.2014

MOW X 9079 is deliverable now

The MOW X9079 of Bernina-railway, which was used later for rebuilding the C114, is available now. Ensure, you don't miss this pretty item. Until 30th of June, 2014 we offer a special early-order-price ... see pricelist


Wagonset K-w, Kkp and Kk-w is sold out

For the wagonset we had printed special road-numbers, which are used now. The set is sold out and no more available. Sold out is the small stake-wagon Kkp too. If there is enough demand, we will print three new road-numbers for the next year. Please let us know, if you are interested. Thank you.


International Toy Fair 2014 - new items for this year

The toy fair is closed now. Time to have a look at our new items for this year. Just click on the PDF-symbol to get all necessary information for 2014.

A summary of new items, including orderform, please click here ... Neuheitenblatt 2014


Kato's Glacier Express - close couplers and short diaphragms now

Meanwhile we got the exchange-wheelsets, the close couplers and short diaphragms. Now the Glacier Express looks more prototypical as ever. Please find all information in Neuheitenblatt 2013PDF.


Kato's Glacier Express - now available for Nm too

We have checked Kato's Glacier Express thoroughly: yes, we can reduce the gauge to Nm-track. Loco and wagons do fit the 6,5 mm-track. Please find all information on Neuheitenblatt 2013PDFenclosed.


Sliding-door-wagons with Primo-advertising are sold out!


Download Neuheitenblatt

International Toy Fair 2013 - our novelties

We have been on International Toy Fair in Nuremberg to present our novelties. Find all information on our website news, or as download of the brochure

Neuheitenblatt 2013... here.


The Bernina-Panoramawagon is sold out!


New item 2012: model of Schynige Platte-Railway, n-scale 1:160, on 4,5 mm track - construction manual now online

Details are to be found on our information-page for Schynige Platte in Ne .

Find the first informations in our FAQ

Montageanleitung Querträger in 0m... here.

New item: spanbridges for stations in 0-scale and 0m-scale

Please find details on our informationpage catenary 0m (in german only).

The manual is to be found

Montageanleitung Querträger in 0m... here. (in english available)


vergrößerte Ansicht

Info for loco Ge 4/4 III

The loco Ge 4/4 III has got a new engine, two flywheels and runs as smooth as never before. It will get deliverable in 2012. All customers will be informed during the next year about the status of their order. Thank you very much for your patience.

New prices are valid for new orders. Please look at the pricelist. Deliveries will be made during a 12 months period.

Assembling a Catenary for Narrow Gauge

We were asked often in the last weeks, if we could present some more information about our new catenary system. Now, here they are - at first only in German language.

... informationpage catenary self-built


NeuheitenblattFind all paintings here.



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