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English speaking visitors are welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTE for OUTLOOK users: Depending on the Outlook version, a cryptic E-mail is generated when sending an E-mail (data protection reasons). We cannot reply to this e-mail address! Please either make a clear note of your e-mail address or give us your normal postal address so that we can contact you. Many thanks.

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Post AB-Modell, Anja Bange Modellbau, Im Stuckenhahn 6, D-58769 Nachrodt
Telephone ++49 (0) 2352 / 33 48 - 61 - Please note that we are only available sporadically by telephone. Please leave your message on our answering machine and include your name and callback number. Due to the many advertising calls, we will only call you back on the basis of your message on the answering machine. If possible, please use the other communication channels to reach us. Thank you for your understanding. No callback for advertising enquiries!
You can talk to us in english language, but please note: we are no native speakers!
Telefax ++49 (0) 2352 / 33 48 - 62
eMail info@n-schmalspur.de - Please note that we receive hundreds of promotional emails per week. If you want to contact us, please include a clear subject in your line, e.g. order from website or enquiry from website. Emails that are doubtful or sent with missing or incomprehensible subject lines will be deleted unread. Unsolicited employment applications will be deleted without comment and will not be answered.


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