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New products pages  
current new products Please find the current new products on the main-page.
flyer new products, even former years Please find the flyers of new products on the novelties-page.

Main-catalog, german editionMain-catalog (this service is no more offered, please use single catalog pages!) The main-catalog lists all items and lots of additional information which could be found on our web-site. Nearly every item has it's special page with a great number of information. (about 2,1 MB) - German edition!
Model-catalog (this service is going to be changed! The model-catalog lists all items but no information-pages. Same items are to be found on the same page for a quick general view. (about 680 KB)
single catalog pages The single catalog pages, which are part of our main-catalog too, must be opened by clicking our product-site.

Narrow gauge - german editionWhat is "narrow gauge"? Something about history of narrow gauge.
gauges in N - german editionGauges in scale 1:160 Lots of abbreviations - but who knows, what is what?
track - german editionHow to lay my track? Some tips to lay your own narrow gauge track.
catenary - german editionHow to build a catenary? Some tips to build your own narrow gauge catenary.
signals - german editionSignals - mounting and arrangement Hints for mounting and arrangement of narrow gauge signals

pricelist pricelist N-, Nm- and Ne-items and accessories for N- and 0-scale (and it's narrow gauges)

Construction manuals for Ne  
construction manual loco He2/2 color-scheme of He2/2 of Schynige Platte Bahn
construction manual summerwagon B3, B6, B7 construction manual track, swich, catenary
construction manual coach B41-B52 SPB FAQ


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