Thank you for your confidence.

How to order?

Please send us an e-mail, or a letter or fax for your order. You may print the orderform below (but it is not necessary), fill in your choice and send us as a fax or e-mail. Thank you.

Three possibilities to order: send us a letter, a fax or an e-mail. Choose yours please.

IMPORTANT NOTE for OUTLOOK users: Depending on the Outlook version, a cryptic E-mail is generated when sending an E-mail (data protection reasons). We cannot reply to this e-mail address! Please either make a clear note of your e-mail address or give us your normal postal address so that we can contact you. Many thanks.

How to pay?

Initial orders will only be processed against advance payment. Simply transfer money via SEPA from your bank to us. Within the EU payment area, these processes are free of charge for you and us. On special request we also offer payments by paypal. Due to the very high fees of 2.8% to almost 6%, this payment method is limited to exceptions. We also supply customers known to us on account.

NOTE! When you send us an order, we will reply with our confirmation. Please do not pay the confirmation! We will start production of your items individally as soon as possible. When items are ready for shipping, you will get the invoice. The times of delivery are experienced but not fixed. If you want to know the status of your production, please send us a fax or an e-mail. Thanks for your patience.

All information about shipping and shipping-costs are to be found here.

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